Close Encounter with Baby Baldy (1)

So, there I was,… minding my own business, standing along the bluffs, attempting to get a good photo of a kayaker reflecting in the still water below (as I hadn’t much luck in finding a shot thus far).

Just then I heard the unmistakable cry of an agitated crow coming ever closer, I turned to find this drama being played out –

This baby baldy was flying directly toward me, with said crow in hot pursuit.

I managed to swing my camera around and start shooting, just as the baby baldy landed in a tree, not ten yards from where I was standing.

The crow landed close by, and continued to voice it’s displeasure quite vociferously.

What can I say except, wow,…. WOW!

Close Encounter with Baby Baldy


More to come from this close encounter.

Day 700



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