Rest Well, Little Baldy

I took this shot on Friday, June 2nd.

This Little One

It’s the very last day I saw this sweet little face.

Since then, and with a heavy heart, I’m sorry to say, this short life has vanished.

It was there on that Friday, it was gone on the following Saturday.

I’ve driven by the nest endlessly, day after day, hoping against hope, to see this little face again – but it’s just gone.


I so wanted to see this little one grow up, to mature, to fledge, and to make it’s way on it’s own wings out of the nest.

It was not to be.

So, what happened? Where did this little one go? What cruel fate intervened, and snatched this young life away before it even got started?

Who knows? Mother nature is a merciless master. The fate of this little one will be forever a mystery.

What I want to say in this post is simply this – This little life matters.

This eaglet made an impact in my life, as short-lived as it’s life may have been.

It hurts my heart that this little life is gone. And although it’s life may have been cut short, it will live on in my work and in my memory.

Rest Well, Little Baldy.


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