#project365 / Day 116 / Timeworn Reflection

The moment I laid eyes on this place, I knew there were wonderful photos here.

The lush countryside, the timeworn barn, the wonderful serenity – add the right day, with the right conditions, and this scene would come to life.

Today was that day.

Timeworn Reflection

Day 116


As a postscript – the owner of the property came by as I was happily shooting away (probably checking on the sketchy trespasser lurking about on the edge of his property 😉 ). A very nice fella. Instead of shooing me away, he told me to get good pictures of it now. Because of it’s rapidly deteriorating condition, the barn is going to come down sometime soon.

So not only is the barn timeworn, but it’s days are numbered.

Sad 😦


13 thoughts on “#project365 / Day 116 / Timeworn Reflection

  1. As I scrolled through my reader, this photograph REALLY stood out from all of the others. How beautiful and amazing that you have captured this image before it’s demise. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m just grateful I had the opportunity to capture it before it’s gone forever. Thank you so much for the kind words Tina.

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