#project365 / Day 58 / A Beautiful Day

My plan today was to stay home and not burn even a single drop of gas. But when you look outside and the day is this beautiful,…

A Beautiful Day

… well my photographer soul simply would not allow me to let it get away.

So Sammy and I loaded up and set out to capture some photos.

The first thing we ran across was this lone coyote (at least I think it was a coyote) out in a field. He appeared to be stalking some lunch, so we got a photo and left him to it.

Lone Coyote

We saw the ever-present seagulls. This one was more than happy to pose for a delightful photo.

Seagull Reflections

Then we encountered absolute majesty – a beautiful bald eagle. If there is something I will never get tired of capturing, this magnificent creature is it.


Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

A Beautiful Day 2

It was indeed!

I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb, when I call day 58 was a smashing success 😉

I hope your Saturday was every bit as beautiful, wherever you may be.

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