One of My Favorite Days

My message today is one of simple gratitude.

Sometimes I just have to stop and give thanks for the wonders I am fortunate enough witness as a photographer.

But there are some days that stand out from the rest. Special days. Days where the conditions are so perfect that nearly every photo captured is worthy of framing.

I love those kinds of days!

This photo is from just such a day –One of My Favorite DaysIt had light, color, texture, reflection, and even God-rays thrown in for good measure.

This day had it all! And there I was in the middle of it photographing my little heart out.

One of my very favorite days as a photographer thus far, to be certain.

I’m immensely grateful for the wonders I have been fortunate enough to capture thus far. Sometimes during my daily quiet time (part of my Hour of Power), I just sit in humble gratitude as I watch a slideshow of the images I have captured come across my screen.

I’m even more grateful for the wonders I have yet to capture. Wonders and beauty that are out there in the future, just waiting for me to arrive and capture them forever. I love this!

I can’t wait to see what I will capture today.

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