Not so long ago….

The previous few days have been cold. Very cold (last check of the thermometer was a bone chilling 29 degrees).

Not only that, but the days are growing short. Very short (it’s right now just after six and it’s full-on dark).

And it’s only November. It’s only getting colder and darker from here.


It’s no secret that I am a fan of neither the cold temps, nor the ever shortening sunlight.

Days like this make me long for the warmer, and longer, days of Summer, not so long ago.

Day’s such as this –Not so long ago....I can’t wait until they roll back around once again.

Not so long ago the days were long
And the weather was warm and balmy
Now the cold and dark have set in
When the warmth and the longer days return
Please do call me.

No wonder some animals hibernate. I might take up the practice 😉


3 thoughts on “Not so long ago….

    1. Ahh, a kindred spirit. I will stay warm and you do as well. We’ll get through this, and Summer smile on us again. Thank you Georgette.

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