Just Outside My Window

I happened to glance at just the right moment and I saw a beautiful scene, perfectly framed and bathed in wonderful light, just outside my window.

“Now that’s a photo,” I said to myself.

So I grabbed my camera and rushed out to capture the photo I had seen so clearly in my mind’s eye only moments ago.

If I am honest, I was uncertain about this photo initially. I mean, I thought it was pretty good,… but was it up to my own high standard? Was it art?

I didn’t know.

So naturally I shared it on Facebook. And I was astonished by the level of positive attention it received.

Then I thought to myself, “well if they liked it, you might like it as well.”

So without further ado, here it is –

Another Sunny Day
Another Sunny Day

And, as an aside, if I hadn’t seized upon the opportunity immediately, I would have  have missed it entirely.

Don’t wait. Do something!

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